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Indiana Invaders Sports Complex was founded in 1999. The vision was to give the South Bend area an accessible facility and state of the art fields. Recently, the complex became an exclusive rental facility. Fostering relationships and experiences is now the primary focus. The complex hosts various events, tournaments, showcases, leagues, festivals, and more.

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Family Operated

A vision began in 1999 with the semi-professional team of Indiana Invaders FC. The excitement and buzz around the area shared the growth of youth soccer. So grew the highly successful Indiana Invader FC club into 30 plus teams.


With success came an expansion of an additional 22 acres with the South Complex. This expansion boosted accessibility of youth sports. In total, the sports complex boasts 40 acres of developed land with the current capacity for nine (9) full size multi use athletic fields.


In 2021, the youth club transitioned into the Indiana Invaders Sports Complex. Now, the focus is exclusively on field rentals to outside organizations. This new venture is still unfolding, and the complex embraces new opportunities as they come.

A 50,000 square foot warehouse at the facility is home to gymnastics, Elite Sports Academy. We have had the privilege of hosting various sports from soccer to quidditch at a range of competition levels. Our history and connections in the soccer world have served us well through the years. As a family-operated small business, our focus is on building relationships and serving our clientele. 

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